PEI Woodlot Owners Association Hosts Invasive Species Workshop

November 10, 2016              Emyvale, PEI               PEI Woodlot Owners Association
The PEI Woodlot Owners Association, in partnership with Island Nature Trust and the Department of Communities Land and Environment, is holding an information session and workshop on invasive species on Saturday, November 26th, at the Emyvale Community Centre. The workshop will focus on how to identify, prevent establishment and control invasive species, particularly those associated with forests.

Invasive species are plants, animals, insects or diseases that are introduced outside of their native range and which negatively impact the environment, the economy and/or human well-being. Effects of invasive species in natural forests and managed woodlots can be devastating. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, forest invaders are responsible for $720 million, annually, in losses to the timber industry in Canada.

Organizers say it’s important to raise awareness of invasive species and to take a preventative approach. “Invasive species represent a major threat to our forests and woodlots on PEI. As our climate changes, we will be more vulnerable to introductions of invasive species from the northeastern US and Asia. To combat this, we must educate ourselves on how to identify invasive species and pathways for their spread, and be on the lookout for new invaders before they become established”, says John Rowe, Chair of the PEI Woodlot Owners Association.

The information session and workshop begins at 9:00am on November 26th, at the Emyvale Community Center in Emyvale, PEI. All woodlot owners, members of conservation and watershed groups, and other interested individuals are welcome and encouraged to attend. There is no admission cost for the event.

Notes to editors:

* Presenters at the workshop will include: Megan Harris (Executive Director, Island Nature Trust) and David Carmichael (Horticulturalist/Pest Detection Officer, P.E.I. Department of Communities Lands and Environment)

* Islanders wanting to learn more about invasive species on PEI should visit the PEI Invasive Species Council’s website (